Originally a Chianti wine customs  station at the San Niccolò gate, the premise turned into a food store and tavern at the beginning of the 19th century.

After the 1966 flood, the crypt of the adjacent San Niccolò church was discovered in the cellars used for storing food. The crypt dating back to the year 1000 was fully restored and became part of the tavern, thus representing a rare and fully untouched Romanesque example in Florence.



The current signs "Antica Mescita San Niccolò" (San Niccolò Old Public House) and "Osteria " (Tavern) have been hanging since 1970, while the sale of wines and dining continued. The Osteria Antica Mescita S. Niccolò has been managed by the Prosperi family since 1993 and under their new ownership the characteristics of an old public house with dining have not changed. Overall the Osteria is one of the few surviving examples of a typical Florentine public house, as its furnishings were partially reconstructed with period materials. Here you can breathe the air of Old time traditional Florence; different size wine flasks and bottles resting on shelves, while very beautiful vintage photographs hang from the walls in memory of a past time dating back to over one hundred years ago, leaving its mark on the premises. The Prosperis' have always been passionate about good Tuscan traditional cuisine combined with quality w ine. The kitchen prepares new dishes daily with the best seasonal produce available on the market, thereby using only super fresh ingredients and top quality meats. Frozen foods are prohibited.

 The flavors, aromas and smells of the truthful Tuscan tradition are enhanced in dishes such as Ribollita (Bread, beans and black cabbage soup),  Pappa al pomodoro (Bread tomato soup), Chickpeas and Porcini mushroom creamy soup, Florentine style tripe, Boar stew with herbs, Rabbit with a Vernaccia white wine sauce along with side dishes as White navy beans with garlic, tomato and sage (Fagioli all'uccelletto) or Farmer style potatoes to mention only a few. Each meal can be completed with  a wide selection of  cheeses, accompanied by fruit chutney or honey, fruit salad cooked in cinnamon and wine, chocolate semolina pie and ice cream with hot chocolate.

Outdoor dining from March through November is available by the tables pleasantly located along street leading to Forte Belvedere and Piazzale Michelangelo.