Subject: A Florence Find By: Jack Pelini Date: 04/12/2012

We stumbled in here after visiting the Rosé Garden. I had rabbit in white wine which was excellent. My friend had pasta with pesto and also the grilled veal. Next time I am in Florence I will come here for the grilled veal. It was fantastic

Subject: Our Vacation in Florence By: Richard and Barbara Groff Date: 29/10/2012

We vacationed in Florence and stayed in a flat in Via San Niccolo. We ate at your restaurant several times, and I just wanted to say that the food was excellent, the wine was superb, and all the people in your Osteria were polite, friendly, helpful, and very welcoming. Thank you so much for making our trip to Italy and Florence special. What a wonderful country and city. We can't wait to return.

Buon Giorno!

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