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An ancient Inn in the quarter of San Niccolò where you can even order only a glass of wine, with a dish of sliced salami and cheeses, toasted bread seasoned with garlic, olive oil and salt, “carpacci”. You can enjoy dishes of the best Florentine tradition, by wow unfindable. Guendalina will always receive you with a smile as you are getting in her living room.

This Inn is qualified for vegetarians because of excellent soups and first courses. Enjoy the chickpea creamed soup spelt and pore mushrooms, stew with pore mushrooms and homemade cakes. Do not forget to get down and visit the Millenary Crypt.


Cinema&Cucina- Cena di carnevale

22/02/2011 12:06

Un menù all'insegna del cinema per festeggiare il Martedì grasso...e la festa della donna!!!

San Valentino e San Faustino...Cuori e Picche

03/02/2011 12:07

Per la serata di San Valentino è previsto un menù speciale per tutti gli innamorati....una serata di Cuori!!!!  Menù di San Valentino

Il giorno dopo...San Faustino...sarà invece dedicato a tutti i single...una serata di Picche!!!!Menù San Faustino

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Open every day 

from 12 to 0,30

Via San Niccolò 60 r

50125 Firenze



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